Tsunami After-Effects

I have been following the news on BBC, about the Tsunami in Japan, I can do nothing but pray for their well being. What moved me the most is, People there are not crying, there is no Hysteria, no anger, no loot. What ever they are doing, they are doing it in silence. It’s probably the nature of the Japanese, to take things so patiently. It seems food and electricity is in scarce as every passing day. People are sharing whatever they have rather than fighting over it. People are patiently waiting in long queues to collect ration and fuel.

Probably the strength and resilience is rooted in their culture that has relied on their social organization. Family values, social hierarchies and collective living are part of Japanese culture unlike the individuality followed in western countries

There’s been the world Cup mania all over the world, especially in India. We rejoice, when our favorite team wins, we are angry at the players when they lose. We blame them for taking wrong decisions. We forget it’s just a game. Whoever wins or loses there is no major loss to any of us personally. I guess we need to learn a lesson from the Japanese. Rather than blaming the players, why don’t we be supportive in their distress time and stand by them during their loss? We should be shameful to be rejoicing the games when people of Japan are battling for their lives. But still, they have maintained the patience and silence and helping each other even in this deep crisis. This type of learning is what is needed to our younger generation not some sports mania….


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