Scrap Booking… Still :-(

Yup… I’m still working on the first Scrap Book of my Daughter. I dont know when I will finish it for her. Its like all my creative instincts have died. I dont have any idea about what i want to do with thsese photos and memories. I just want to put them all together and want my daughter to cherish those beautiful memories when she is ready.

As of now I’m still drafting. Everytime I decide and draft, I see one of her photographs and I change the whole plan, or I try to include something else instead of the previous one. I hardly get some to open up my creative box and am sitting their either confused or blank, with no idea of what to do with all that stuff.

SO I have decided not to waste more time and start of wth the skeleton I have been drawing for so long. At present I’m sticking to the first year pictures. I have got them printed too. I will keep every step updated so I wont stop untill I’m finished with this.

I have done enough shopping for this. I’m not sure when I’m going to even use them.

All the best to me!!


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