Say Cheers… To LOVE

…So Darling! Save the last dance for me… by Michael Buble was playing on the media player, as I sat down to write my romantic story.

Well though it was arranged for us, we have been falling in love with each other every day and it’s getting stronger as years pass by. It’s our fifth Valentine’s Day together. It’s been a rough journey so far, we have been strong and beside each other all through.

We love each other very much. For Dhruva love is something that cannot be expressed, a private feeling and very close to heart. For me, Love is an expression, but not to demonstrate.

We have our very own ways to say ‘I love you’. I speak out loud and tell him what I’m going through, may it be good or bad. He expresses it silently. It’s very difficult to understand his silence. It has many meanings to it. He is silent, when he’s happy, when he is sad, when he is angry. It’s the only expression he probably has for every other feeling. And he’s vulnerable with it.  It is left to me and depending on the situation for what it really means. Sometimes he seems to be so difficult to handle, very stubborn and adamant and sometimes it is so easy to convince him.

At the end of the day, when I close my eyes and think of one person who really means something to my life, I see Dhruva. When I think of one person whom I cannot live without is Dhruva. He is my number one priority [Though I behave the opposite when he is around] and then it is Nimisha.

We had a wonderful valentine celebration this year too… Wine and mousse, he and me and burning candle. A night to remember. [Nothing’s gonna change my love for you… was playing while I ended this post]


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