Friends @ AOL – Kiran Kumar

Milestones Of my Life – Friends @ AOL

Hmmm… Kiran! [I’m grinning] what more can I say? No matter what part of the day (or night it is…) he would be the brightest person around. He’s different. He is always happy and cheerful. Even if he has had a bad day and his boss said  mean things to him, he still finds something to laugh in it. I mean, this guy can never get serious about anything. Even when he decided to get married, he sends a photo of bunch of people and says this is the girl I’m getting married and I was left wondering who the lucky lady was.

I met Kiran when Deepak [my coach at AOL] went to Argentina and Beena was moved to another team. Kiran came to the team as CSS [Well, I have forgotten its expansion but we called them Consultant’s servant] with Prashanth as our coach. I was not happy with this change as I had got used to Deepak’s rules and regulations. He was strict and many rules to follow. But when Kiran and Prashanth came in, every rule was broken. Every ‘don’t’ became a ‘must do’. It came as a shock to me. But a pleasant one though.

One more thing he is famous for is his big mouth. Every line he speaks has a censored word. He can add dual meaning even into a spiritual debate. Anything he said, we would split into a loud laugh gathering everybody’s attention. With all these speech abilities, he also was very encouraging. He kept boosting my enthusiasm to get into every IJP [Internal Job Preference] offered by the company. He did motivate me during the rough times of my career.

Charlie and His Angels

Everybody who knew us would call him Charlie and us (that includes Annu, Akila and Me) as his angels because we would make his mission impossible (OOPS…) I mean possible. All four of us put together were a torture to the whole team [especially Deepak, after he came back]. There’s no one day when we haven’t cried… laughing.

John, Kiran and me shared a very special bond. We understood each other without even saying a word. Whenever John and I fought, it would be Kiran who’s running for life (as both of us used to show all our frustrations on him) we knew life would take us in different directions, yet hoped to be as strong as a group we were, in our own path of life.

Life took its own direction and we parted for good. John was the first to move out. Next was Akila, then It was Kiran’s turn. And then Beena left, Then Annu and many more. I stayed there for long, waiting for everything to fall into place and bring back those happier moments again. It was a long wait. It was a big vacuum in my life. I had everything that I wanted, but nothing I needed. I realized AOL was not anymore for me. I didn’t enjoy it anymore. Every body who I wanted had gone. And who ever remained I hated them. Finally, I quit. There ends my AOL’s journey.

Anyways, Kiran is still the same after so many years. We still talk to each other, but very rarely, rarer than John. But Kiran’s a Sweetheart.

I miss you Kiran, Thanks for being my Friend


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