Growing Up

Nimisha is growing really fast. She will be going to play home from this June. So we are on a hunting spree for good schools.

She has been a very good child from the day 1. She never troubled me late at nights. She never was cranky. She never gave me problems in training her. Though she has a very small concentration period. She is a very good learner. She grasps things very fast. She obliged with what ever I tried to imbibe in her. May it be sleeping habits, solid food intake, potty training and building her interests towards books than TV.

I guess it was in the first month itself I started to train her on potty training. My cousin helped me with the idea. Nimisha was never difficult. The training was something like… Every time she was pooping, i had to hold her legs up, for the baby to understand she is doing a certain task, then, after a week I guess, every morning, I started to hold her legs up to indicate she needs to repeat the same task. At first I dint believe it works, for the reason being, the baby was just a month old and it wouldn’t understand such tasks. but I tried it. There was no result for a few days, but i continued to do it,it was  probably on the eighth day she did it. I was surprised. Though she would poop three or four times a day, the morning thing became routine and it still continues even today.

Nimisha was around 4 months I guess. I bought her some books [more like flashcards] which had pictures of colorful animals and fruits. She used to see the books in amusement and i kept telling her the names of each object that she saw. Everybody laughed at me, but I went on, I knew these habits can be inculcated at a very young age, as young as 2 months. I had read about it in a book. She got on with it. Today at the age of 29 months, she has 6 books of her own. I’m proud to see her imagining the stories just by seeing the pictures in the book.


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