Friends @ AOL – John Jogy

Milestones of My Life – Friends

At AOL, Recruitment took place almost everyday for different departments. As and when the company grew, the teams also started growing [from 8 consultants to 10 and to 16]. New recruits came joined our team too. At the same time there were a few peers who left the team as they got promoted or moved on to a new company.

That is when I met John and Kiran. Not everybody becomes my Friend, but once you do, it is for a lifetime. John is one such human being, who’s influenced my life tremendously. He was so determined about what ever he did. He was so serious about life. He was an introvert and is even today. He was short tempered. He made his own rules. Once he decides to do something that’s it. Example: If he decides not to pick your call after a silly misunderstanding, no matter what he wouldn’t and tortures without picking up the phone even if you call him 100 times an hour (Especially when you want to say sorry).

John had joined our team and I was his mentor. I felt he was too old to be mentored. Akila and I called him uncle behind his back. I don’t know how we got along, but we became very good friends. We have shared a lot of secrets of our lives; we have cried cause of those uncontrollable laughs about a silly joke. We have envied a lot of friends [Deepak mostly, especially Akila… I don’t know they didn’t get along with each other… even today, they don’t want to talk about each other].The time we spent at cafeteria and meeting at Coffee Day, in the mall at ITPL, many more cherished memories. Then something happened. John had to move out of the department. It made us very sad. Life changed all together. It was like a new season of your favorite show, curious to watch it but missed the old charm. He quit AOL and joined IBM. In a few months he got married, and moved to UK.

While I’m writing this, John messaged me saying he’s coming to India for a vacation. And we planned to meet.

Life is very different now [for both of us] the last time we met [just both of us] was at Coffee Day in 2006. This time when we met we had a life’s baggage, Our Kids. I have one and he has two [twins] John has changed so much. He is soft spoken, very gentle, very responsible and a lot of patience. I was surprised to see him calmly pacify his son who was crying for a toy car. He so skillfully managed both the kids and fed them without any hustle, while I was juggling between my hand bag and my daughter. I think he managed the kids better than me. Life has really tamed him a lot. What ever he is, he is still a wonderful person. .
Thanks for being my Friend.


3 thoughts on “Friends @ AOL – John Jogy

    • john says:

      I know whatever happens, happens for a reason and i would say meeting soumya was definitely for the best reason and decision of my life, moving to the UK.
      If i say i have not met a more daring girl , who will stick with her friends for anything what she thinks is right, i am not at all wrong.
      Thanks to her for being my mentor at AOL and later becoming my best friend there(thank u for making work place a joy to be in and something to look forward everyday) and as she says our friendship has seen the best and worst and yet we have remained friends and thats for a life time.
      I will not be telling the truth if i don’t say she was the reason i left AOL and joined IBM and ultimately she was the reason I came to the UK.
      Now bfor anybody has some ideas, all i meant was she was always there to second my decisions and have a logical explanation for me having taken those decisions.
      I can never explain in words nor will anybody understand the fun,the drama, the suspense , the emotions, the heartburns that we have gone through.
      Thanks for being my friend.

      • yetlearning says:

        oh… I’m flattered.
        Thanks you so much John for the love and affection you have given me. I adore it. Our friendship does mean a lot to me and it wouldn’t have carried on for all these years, if not for your perseverance. Thank you so much.

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