When I see something, I always think, if it would be a good picture to click for… may it be an object, a flower, a person [photographer’s instinct you see…] Here are some pictures, which I thought would be best shots ever and what it turned out to be…

What I wanted to click: It was a huge jam on the other side. All we could see was the spectacular head lights beaming until your eyes could see..

What Happened: By the time I could adjust my camera and click the spectacular light show, the vehicles on the left side of the circle had a green signal and they all moved at once, blocking the amazing scene.

What I wanted to click: This is the ST Theressa’s Church at Mysore Road. It was Christmas. We were on our way back home. The whole church was glittering with those serial lights and looked so beautiful.

What Happened: Actually we were waiting for the green signal, and it was 120 sec stop. So, I thought I had lot of time to click this picture. Every time I tried, one or the other vehicle passed by as I tried to click. The mintue I finally pressed the shutter button, we got a green signal and D moved.

What I wanted to Click: This photo was taken at the Esteem Mall in Cunningham Road. There’s a small train in the open premises of the mall and my daughter was so enthusiastic about the ride. She was so happy about it and couldn’t stop grinning. But the vendor was waiting for a few more kids to get on the train, so I thought it would be one of those special moments and need to capture it…

What Happened: As there were no kids around, the vendor thought there was no point in waiting and started the train. This is what it turned out to be.

and this one’s the best…

I have no words to explain this picture… I was just trying to shoot the moon. Rest is mysterious.


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