Friends @ AOL – Akhila Prashanth

In the beginning Akila looked out of place for a call center. She always wore salwaars, a whole lot of bangles clinging her hands, oiled tresses; she would eat only curd rice during our team lunches and never joined us on team outings.

After Annu moved to Quality Department, Akila and I bonded well as we were the only girls in the team. At that time we were in the evening shift [6.00 pm] we would finish our shift by 3.30 am in the morning. The Last day of the week would always be an outing of our own type. We would go to the Coffee Day at the Basement and chat until the day breaks. We have spent a lot of money in coffee Day than on our makeup. Not just money, we spent so much time in Coffee day, the saying “warming the couches” must be changed to “burnt the couches”. She always drank Tropical Iceberg and I ordered Cappuccino. One more place that was open all around the clock at the IT Park was the Sandwich store. We ate cheese sandwiches there. We would buy takeaways and wander all around the mall and sit down at the water fall fountain and talk, talk and talk. I don’t remember what we spoke, but I know those are some of the best moments of my Life.

More than being good to each other, we have always fought and hung up on each other. One of the reasons for me to not have a boyfriend at AOL is Akila… She would envy every body who got closer to me (even the girls). She was very possessive about me. She would pick up fights or pass comments at them. But these never hurt me. I too liked her and I couldn’t say or do anything about it. John and I were good friends and Akila would pick up fights with him all the time.

One incident that’s memorable was when we all [THE WHOLE TEAM] decided to go for a break for breakfast. Akila didn’t like the idea, because John and I made the plan. She deliberately extended the call and asked me wait until she finishes the call. But I logged out. I didn’t wait for her, as I made the plan and didn’t want the other guys to wait. She came up when we had almost done with our breakfast and made a huge fuss about not waiting for her and screamed at me, John, Kiran.

She has gone through a lot in her life. Yet, she’s all smiles and lively. She recently got married. I am happy as I was part of that special occasion of her life. May god bless her with all that she wishes for…

Milestones of my Life – Friends @ AOL


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