Wondering How!

I wonder how people blog about one particular topic, like travel, gadgets, food. I mean, how can you constantly concentrate on one topic. My thoughts are always wandering. One more thing about these blogs are they post everyday. For me its so difficult to be regular at blogging.

I read a blog at freshly pressed where the writer makes a promise to herself to write atleast 300 words a day. I’m breaking my head to write the next sentence. Sometimes I blog to keep up to the pace, sometimes I’m jobless, so I write and sometimes, I write pages in a day and post them in regular intervals. And most of the times I have reason to write.

I want to note every moment of my life.With the kind of life we are leading, I’m sure in another 15 – 20 years, we will be mailing each other to say Hi! and sending our updated photos as we wouldn’t have the time and courtesy to meet each other. We will be bound to the 4 walls of our house and nothing more than a television or a music station to accompany us.

Then I want to read it. When I grow old, and I have nobody to talk to, I want to go through all my posts, and get nostalgic about those moments of joy, sorrow, anger, frustration and laugh at myself for being so.


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