Friends @ AOL – Sunitha and Annu

Though Sunitha and I had little time at AOL, we bonded big time. We always got pull each other’s leg, especially Annu. There were a lot of similarities between the three of us.

Sunitha moved out of AOL, within months we shifted to Morning shifts. She joined Thomson Reuters. Her office was located at MG Road then [MG Road, then looked so very majestic and beautiful]. We used to meet each other on a regular basis. I had bought a bike by then so we went out a lot of times. We met at Bangalore Central during the weekends and lunch at various Multi cuisine restaurants [they both were non veggies] at Indra Nagar. I got to see a lot of other side of Bangalore because of them.. The most annoying part was to wait for Annu, she was always late by 2 hours.

They thought me how to manage my funds, how to invest money and the difference between want and necessity. At first I found them to be stingy. I would lavishly spend money on stupid things. For me the money that I earned was my present, but they planned their future with it. When I learnt that it was astonishing because I thought it was my man’s concern as he would be the bread earner in the family. They explained to me various aspects of life after marriage. Not just that, they also supported their family and that was a proud feeling.

Though we are not regularly in touch with each other, we still are good friends.


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