Friends @ AOL – Beena Patel

Milestones of My Life – Friends @ AOL

Beena Patel was my team mate. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I know her from my OJT days. She made the best impression that day and it continues to be the same till date. She made me feel as a part of the family. When I joined Deepak’s team,

Except for Beena, it was an all boys team. For an introvert like me [then…] it would have been very difficult or may be I wouldn’t stay there if she wasn’t around. Beena is always smiling and happy. She is a bundle of energy and loads of knowledge. She‘s pretty, ambitious, yet suave and friendly with every one.

Everybody liked her, everybody wanted to befriend her. I was very lucky to have Beena in my team, for I enjoyed the recognition I got when I was around her. Everybody on the floor knew Beena, and everybody wanted to know who ever hang around with her. It was prestigious I should say.

For me, Work was just a time pass, a means to financial independence. Beena changed that perspective for me. She told me it wasn’t just work, it was a profession, you could make a career out of it and give a different meaning to life altogether. I visualized life in a different angle. I had determined that work was temporary, and getting married and taking up marital responsibilities were the main criteria of girl’s life. But, Beena described it with a new meaning. Not just responsibilities at home, but I realized I could take responsibilities for the organization I work. She treated me like a little sister [although she is younger to me] and guided me, which showed an upward improvement in my career graph.

Not just my profession, I have learn t a lot personally too. I learn t a lot of etiquette s; I acquired a lot of positivity in my appearance, in my approach towards people, in relationships, in my career. We still talk to each other, we still share little secrets and will continue to be.


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