2010 – A Good Year

2010 has been a pretty good year so far.

Though it started with a rough patch, it is ending with a good note. I feel i have accomplished a lot this year. well, materialistically a lot I should say.

At the beginning of the year, I had a feeling that something disastrous would happen to our relationship and it would haunt us for the rest of our life. But, the scary event toned down and has brought a lot of happiness to me and Dhruva. From there on the year continued to be a bed of roses. Touch wood, I wanted it to be as long as it can be. Though there were no drastic change in our life style, it has been very pleasant. I dont remember when was the last time I fought with Dhruva. I dont remember when was the last time I cried. which I think our good signs of leading a happy life.

Well professionally too, I have a good year. I have earned thrice the profit compared to 2009 with little investment. I’m getting noticed for my work and have been appreciated.

Regarding my daughter, She’s doing well too. She’ll be joining School in 2011.

Most of my wishes have come true… about buying a camera, my hair do, bought a new phone… Life is looking beautiful. Please me god, I wish for my life to be this all the time.


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