Mysterious Lake

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This photo has a haunting memory. I saw this lake on our way to BR Hills.

It was around 1.30  in the afternoon. The road was so quiet, surrounded by dense forest. There were posts everywhere about the wild life around. I saw the watch tower and for sure I knew their would be a lake [This was my observation during the journey through the forest… as every watch Tower was either over a hill or near a lake].  the lake was fiery, yet mesmerizing. The lake looked groovy as the water was still and  covered by dark forest in the background with its reflection in the water. My eyes shot the picture immediately but my camera couldn’t. I asked my husband to stop, but it was too late, The car was moving very fast and we had to be in the temple before 2 pm to attend the pooja. This picturesque lake kept haunting my mind every second of the journey. It was like as if I had seen this lake before, may be in photo or on a calendar sort of.

We reached the temple, finished with pooja, we came out to the open, from where we could see the mist covered mountains, even at 2 pm in the afternoon. I didn’t shoot it, because it wasn’t as attractive as the lake.  The lake kept haunting me. From there, we went to K Gudi Jungle Resorts. That’s one beautiful place, away from the city’s fast life, nestled in mother nature’s lap. But I’m anxious to go back, to see the lake one more time. I hardly clicked any photos of the nature. I forcefully shot a few of my daughter’s. We saw many lakes on the way and we kept stopping by each of them, but I was not happy. I wanted to shoot the same one. Though there were lot of things in nature much beautiful than the lake, my mind kept seeing the same.  I kept pestering my hubby, nagging at him for not stopping by it. He promised to take the same route back home and stop by as long as I wanted.

My anxiety touched its peak as we neared the lake. We stopped. I was so charged up, I thrusted my sleeping daughter into my husband’s hand even before he was ready to hold her. I was getting my camera out and my husband locked the car and started raising all the windows. I fumed at him, he didn’t say a word but pointed towards the window by my side. A monkey, a male monkey [ I could see]… so close to the window standing on two legs and glaring at me. A couple of them waiting in front of the car. We were on the other side of the lake and I could no way get down from the car. So he turned the car around and stopped close to the lake, so I could shoot from inside the car. But that male monkey came right back to my window and kept glaring at me. I stared at it, with no intension though [lol]. I honked a couple of times, It didn’t panic but moved a few feet away, I dared to get out. I had just clicked a snap, it was already next to me. I got into the car, I couldn’t see the lake as I wanted to, but I clicked anyway. The monkey jumped in front of the window. It was like warning me to leave the place or bear the consequences. Being a veterinarian’s Daughter in law, I knew there was no clear remedy for a monkey’s bite, I had to raise the window, we waited for a couple of minutes, but the monkey was getting apprehensive, growling and showing its sharp teeth. I thought of shooting [clicking] the troublesome monkey but the camera’s battery died on me. We had no choice but leave the place.

I was upset, first with my husband for not stopping by before, next at the monkey for not giving me chance and then at my camera for dying on me. I thought about it. I felt may be they were all signs trying to keep me away from the mysterious lake. I know there’s more to it. But that’s all I could get.

The lake still haunts me. The photo shows just a small part of the lake, which I captured in a jiffy.

Some pictures look better in the mind than on the canvas. May be they are better kept in memories.


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