Milestones Of my Life – Friends @ AOL

I came across a lot of people during my days at AOL. There were good, bad, smart, dumb, lazy, lousy, active, greedy, selfish, many more. There are a few who made my life what it is now. I’m going to write about everybody who made the difference.

These names are in no order so please friends if you happen to see this… dont get annoyed.

I met Krishna, Roopa, Prabath and Raghu in the cab I regularly went to office [In 2005]. They are fun-loving people. I was very innocent compared to these guys. As days passed we became good friends. Roopa was just married and these guys would pull her leg, I was dumb, I didn’t understand most of the stuff they talked about. We all went out on trips during our weekend. We watched movies together. It was fun. I became very close to all of them. We are still in touch with each other.




Beena Patel was my team mate. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I know her from my OJT days. She made the best impression that day and it continues to be the same till date. She made me feel as a part of the family. When I joined Deepak’s team,

Beena Patel

After a year, working in the odd shifts, we got a morning shift for the first time, at 6. 30 AM in the morning. That was a great relief. I got to see day light almost after a year. I was worst than the nocturnal creatures. The joy was for little time though. Coz I didn’t enjoy the morning shift. First of all it was difficult to sleep at night and be awake in the mornings. Secondly, I got used to one meal-a-day pattern [trust me, I was 15kgs lesser compare to today] and the only meal I ate at the cafeteria sucked. Bangalore Traffic was sad [it’s pathetic now] It took 2 hours to reach office and more in the evenings to go back home. I kind of was in a shift lag [similar to jet lag] for almost a month.

I was everybody’s pet in the team, as I was the only junior in the team and very innocent to be in the call center. Most of the team mates from Deepak’s team were Tennure and they applied for better posts and moved on. First it was Govind, then Aswad, and Amar and then Beena. That is when I got close to the other girls in the team. Sunitha, Annu and Akila.

Sunitha and Annu

When Sunitha left, Annu and I would be together. That is when Akila joined us. Akila moved into our team when we moved to morning shifts. There were a few girls who moved to our team with special requests [they didn’t want to work night shifts and since they had scores they were given the shifts they asked for] It’s been 5 years now and she’s still the same. I can’t resist the smile on my face when I think of her. [I’m grinning] The best part of our courtship [yes I said courtship because that’s how those days were…] was funny.

Akila Ramu [now she’s Akhila Prashanth]

During the second year of my tenure at AOL, a few guys joined the team. I don’t remember when, or what brought us together, A few of them [John, Kiran, Vinod, Rakshit, Rajesh, Kuldeep] got very close to me then. The thing that brought us together was humor. We were a bunch funny people.

John Jogy

Kiran Kumar


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