Friends @ AOL – Roopa Harish

The first day of the shift, we called her for her address to pick her up. She couldn’t direct us, she was confused herself. I wondered how dumb she could be. Again I was wrong at my judgment;

she was newly married and was not familiar with her new address.

Roopa is sweet; she speaks straight from the heart. She always has a smile on her face. We were in the same department, but different teams. We discussed everything; from dresses, movies, food, husbands, handsome men… we had our girly secrets too. She was Krishna’s Best buddy and Prabath my close friend. Any issues, we had their back up for us. We still meet and talk for hours on the phone. I don’t know what brought us together, but we still bond well, we have bunked office a few times and gone out for movies… Those were some of the best moments of my life.

We had been to Hoganikal Falls once. That was so much fun. We went on the other side of the river, we played Truth and Dare and that was so fun.


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