Friends @ AOL – Prabath Kashi

Prabath is a Party animal. He’s this small boy next door kind of a guy. He’s in his 30s now, but still looks like a college going guy. He must thank his genes for it.

The first day I saw him in the cab, He carried those funky bag, shortly trimmed hair and a pink formal shirt, he looked like a young boy for the first day to his college. I thought him to be fresher and growled at him for being late [I found out later, he was 1 year tenure at AOL]. He didn’t reply. As days passed by, He started interacting with the other guys in the cab, but not with me. Later he told me he was scared of me as I was harsh to him on the first day. I don’t know when and how, but we became very close to each other, we had nick names for each other. I have cried to him many times, when I was upset with my work, about my marriage proposals, and lot more issues. We used to fight as lot too, for silly reasons.

Prabath loved to take me out and show off his girl handling skills and etiquettes. He loved his gadgets, especially the windows phone he had. He quit AOL when we became very good friends. It was hurting. I used to cry when our shifts changed at AOL, imagine, how I felt when he quit AOL.

He planned a trip on my 23rd Birthday. We had gone to AMbli Resorts at Mysore. They brought cake and we had a good lunch, enjoyed their till the evening. That’s one birthday I felt so special and it is necessary to celebrate that special day in a way which make you feel special all day. From then on, I make sure I do something that will make the whole day special.


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