Blink, Blink… Blank

I don’t know why… My head goes blank when I sit down to write, or my writing is too vague that I, myself get bored with it. I start with one thing end up writing something else… If I wish to edit it probably I can divided it into 3 different posts.

For example, First I decide on writing about my baby, it continues to my frustrated early days of my marriage and then I end up giving tips about how to control stress and manage anger. Wow… My mind is probably idle or I’m not able to concentrate on what I want to do.

My daughter too is facing the brunt of my wandering mind. She is becoming cranky now a days. She is giving me a hard time. It’s tough to keep her involved in anything. By the end of the day, I’m to strained to give some attention to my husband, which turns out to be zero personal life for almost a week now, and that makes him apprehensive. Now, I don’t know where I’m going and what I’m writing. So before I divulge more from the topic and reveal more secrets of my life. I’m going to end this post with a good note, that is, I have already put my daughter to sleep and waiting for my husband to come back home so we can spend some quality time together.


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