AOL III Hitting The Floor

It was Monday,. We had a weird shift of 12 pm – 9 am in the morning. I never had seen the city late at night. Since I stayed in the outskirts of the city, I was always picked up first. It was little scary because, it was new cab and new timing. I was little nervous until the second person was picked up. Once we reached office, we had to search for new team and login with the team. That is when I met Deepak Marwah our coach [Term for Team Leader] He was a handsome man, [very fair for a man’s complexion in India]. He expected us to know more for the first day. [Like the etiquettes and stuff] Trust me we were all bozos and zombies. We had no idea what we were getting into. [We are – Vinod Nair, Ramya and I all got into same team]

Deepak didn’t log us in immediately. We had a chat about what we felt about the company, about the training, why we chose call centre as our profession and stuff like that… There was Amar Basle, and I guess Govind who did all the motivational talk. [All three were our seniors in the team] Part of the team was on their offs. It made feel really weird when I learnt about the shift timings and weekly offs.

Deepak’s team consisted of performers and Deepak himself was an upcoming coach. Once we got into the team, they had a tuff time with their MSI Scores. As we were new, we didn’t do much good to it. Since it was a team and all our scores counted they had to put their extra bit reach the top. I learnt that there were a lot of statistics to follow as a team. There were a few parameters like call time, First time fix, schedule adherence and many more which forms your MSI scores. Your performance is measured and the quarterly increments depended on it.  Now I can write pages about it, but then anything about it went above my head. I really didn’t bother about it much. But I did my best. I had a upward graph of progress by the quarter end.

By the time I could realize about the scores and increments and incentives earned by it, the rules began to change. I wish my brain was little bigger to take all that in and I could have made a lot more money. I started with a monthly income of Rs. 7000 and by the end of first year I took home whooping 15K. {Yes… it was a big money for me]

BPO was fresh and booming in India then. Companies spent hell lot of money for their employees. There were a lot of Office bashes like Parent’s day, Annual Day, Outings, Team Lunches, Dinners, even Birthday parties. The first bash was Parents Day function. The party was a way to thank our parents letting us work these odd shifts. Cabs were arranged to pick and drop our parents. My parents came. They were so happy about the place where I worked. I showed them my cubicle, the phones, headsets, cafeteria, pantry, even the fresh rooms. They were excited as much as I was. I could see the Pride for me in their eyes. I have never been so satisfied with myself ever in my life. Hats off to AOL, for giving me such a special moment in my life.

I also learnt most of them here were running behind success, most precisely growing up in career. They were ready to lick the shoes for it. I learnt it was a nasty world out there. But I preferred to be in my shell. Growth really didn’t matter to me at all. Even after 2 quarters, I still called myself a fresher.


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