4th Anniversary

It is our 4th Anniversary today. I am as excited as the 1st one. Yesterday I did some shopping for Dhruva. I had a limited budget, and I couldn’t think of a better gift than Shirts. I know its a very common gift, but the reason behind it is special. Like every year, he hasn’t made any plans. He has taken leave from his office though. At this particular moment, he is snoring his way to glory.

This is the first year we are together for the whole day and havent fought about not celebrating it in a proper way. yes, The previous three anniversaries were disastarous. The first year, his grandmother was unwell and her condition was serious. She died the next day. the Second year, I was 8 months pregnant. Again I was at mom’s place and we had fight the previous night about…i dont know. however we made up by the end of the day and went for a dinner. It was OK. The third year again, My daughter was 11 months old then. I was at my mom’s place, reason being his sister who wasn’t interested in moving out from our house. We had a fight the previous night too about not being together probably. Again we made up by the end of the day,  We went out for dinner along with my parents.

We had been to the temple in the morning, my daughter’s favorite [coz, they have turtles in the temple ponds]. Then we went to Mantri Square, The shirt I had bought for him had to be exchanged [size problem]. We also had the crunchy Tacos at Taco Bell. It was yummy. The snack is light yet filling. When compared to MC Donald’s MC Veggie [ I love loved it until I had Crunchy Tacos] Tacos are so light. At least I wont be in guilt of putting on more calories just to please my taste buds. Hmm… my mouth waters just by the thought of it, trust me its lighter than the burgers. I liked the Nachos also, again over the oily french fries; [I’m not sure of the calories]. We were wondering if we wanted to have lunch at Mantri, but decided to come back later in the evening for Dinner.

We came home, I cooked and everybody had lunch. Both dad and daughter went to sleep.

When they both woke up it was already around 6, so we decided to get ready and got out to celebrate the day. We went back to Mantri. We went to this authentic Rajasthani cuisine, Rajdhani. Its serves complete meal. There’s no Menu. And the food was delicious, no spices, very light, and tasty. The Ambiance is also simple and pleasant. We enjoyed the meal.

We came home after dinner. He had brought a cake, but we were too full. We just cut the cake for namesake and ate the chocolate chip over the cake to mark the event.

So this year, we are officially celebrating our anniversary together for the first time and have been happy all through the day.


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