AOL – II Training

On Monday, we were picked up as early as 5 am in the morning. [Obviously our training started at 7 am. Apart from spoken English and Call etiquettes, we were introduced to a lot of new things about Americans like their Origin, culture, natives, Languages and the accents. At first I wondered why would we need all this but it took me almost a year to understand that these things reflected in the emotions and attitudes of the members calling in.

After 4 weeks of the classroom training, we had 2 weeks On the Job training. It was a 6 pm – 3am shift. I was out all night for the first time. I had never seen Bangalore at the time of the dawn. It was enthralling. I wore the headset for the first time. I don’t remember my first call, as I was so nervous and had to multitask. I had to follow scripts, handle a couple of applications and probe for the correct solution; there were lot confusions on my mind.  Among all these I knew I was getting better day by day.


Bobby was one among the trainers. He is the best example of a Tall, Dark and Handsome man. I kind of liked him [Its no infatuation, no puppy love, no crush… just liking]

During OJT, one day [I meant night] Beena came to see me.  It was surprising, because I didn’t know who she was. Bobby introduced her to me and said “You will go to their team, once you hit the floor”. [Don’t go by the literal meaning of Hit the floor, it just means, once I graduate from the OJT. I wondered what he meant by team, as I was new to all these terms] with a beautiful smile she said “Welcome to our team. You will not just enjoy being there but also learn a lot”.  I couldn’t digest what I had learnt so far, and she was talking about learning more. But I felt good talking to her.


I was the first person to be picked in the cab everyday.. I was always on time. But we had to wait for the others in front of their houses. I hated that.  It was a regular cab, so everyone was acquainted with each other. Since we all were in training, we would worry about how our performances would be and would we graduate or not. Most of them were from out side states. They were all chicks and dudes. I was a typical middle class Bangalorean.  I was the only one who wore salwars to office.  Cell phones were the emerging gadgets then. All the chicks and dudes in the cab had it. There was one more girl just like me in the cab, Ramya. We had decided, if we graduate, the first thing we will do is buy a cell phone [lol].

During training, I befriended Prem and Savitha. There were a few more, but I don’t remember much. These two were my good pals.  He didn’t graduate. We had a very short time together. It was very disappointing he didn’t make it. [Now he works at HP and he’s doing great] I’m still in touch with prem. He is a wonderful friend. If not for his effort, we would have lost each other in the wilderness of this life. The best thing about Prem is he never forgets any events. He remembers every day we spent together. He’s a very sweet, polite and a patient guy. He’s always there when I ask him for help [researching about electronic gadgets, especially Cameras] I usually don’t trust anybody specially if its of male species. But, Prem is one person whom I can always rely on. We don’t get to meet each other very often, but we chat almost every day.  I have learnt a lot from him. He is one among the precious people of my life…

On the last day of our OJT, they announced the names of people who graduated. I was very excited to hear my name. There was a small party in the cafeteria. We got our graduation certificates and a few goodies. I was so excited to take the life head on….


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