AOL – I Induction

It’s a little difficult to write something about things that were close to heart. I spent around 4 years at AOL, from the time I loved it to the time I hated it. Going back to those days…

On the 5th of December we had our Induction at America Online India Private Ltd. I enquired the receptionist about the Induction; she replied “It’s at the Den”. Wow… Now what does she mean by Den and where is it? That was the expression on my face, probably she got it; she gave me the left right left direction to it. Not bad… I found it without ending up in some other room. I stood at the door, my eyes were already looking for a corner to hide where nobody noticed me and I found one. By the way Den is the room where the employees [We were called Consultants] chilled.

There were so many of them in the room. There were freshers like me, who wore those dumb looks, as if they had reached Mars by mistake and there were the experienced who boasted about their ‘Been here done that’ experiences.

I don’t remember anybody I spoke to that day. There were people walking into the room and speaking about the company, the policies, the package, PF, and lot more stuff. I don’t remember anything. We spent the whole day in that Den. The only thing that I remember was we were asked to open a Bank account [for our salaries], an International bank, the Citibank. It was a big thing for me. Once done with the program we were asked to wait for the cabs, and that took 2 hours of our time, that’s another thing I remember.

Since it was a Friday, we had a 2 days weekend. We were supposed to start our training for Monday. That was one more thing I was amused of, a 2 days weekend.


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