Men’s Brain v/s Women’s Brain

I was casually browsing FaceBook today, and I found a video that one of my freind has posted. His post said ” must watch for all the women on my friend list… HAHAHAHA 😀 Please get to know our (men’s) nothing box… pleaseeeee!!!” I found it amusing. I saw the video…

While I was watching this video, the only man I thought of, was my Husband [obviously].What ever Mark Gungor said was so right. It may sound funny, but its actually not. Especially, about the nothing box in Men’s brain. I have come across it so many times. I find my husband sitting idle, without doing anything, and like every other wife, I ask him“What are you thinking?” he takes a sigh and answers “Nothing” and the second I hear it, every one of my blood cell starts boiling. I get crazy. I wonder how could one be sitting there without doing anything and not thinking about something? I feel he’s hiding something from me. I feel he’s betraying me. and this results in me shouting, fighting, felling disgusted and start crying. I feel so relieved now. The next time I see him blank. I know, he has his nothing box open. I promise I wont disturb him.


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