My Passion… before Photography

Before Cameras [especially the Digital ones] existed in my Life, I was so much into Painting. From a very young age I loved drawing, especially at the School Notice Board. Only the best among the pupils were selected to create the art. I thought only the ‘honored’ got a chance to draw on the SNB. I practiced for many days, every book of mine was filled with curves, leaves and vines. I still do it. My favorite pass time, if I have a pen and a paper, then, I draw flowers leaves running down those vines. Finally I did get a few chances to perform my Art on the SNB. I was so good at it, my art teacher thought I would pursue a degree in it. But I had something else written in my fate. I didn’t give up, I still made a lot of things and painted a lot of things. I found only a couple of them last week. It made me so nostalgic.

I guess this was somewhere during 2006, When I had just joined AOL. I loved to paint. I was little depressed about quitting my first job. I made a lot of paintings and craft items. Hop I can go back to those days and enjoy holding the paint brush [without any interruptions]

I had a separate room for my art and crafts session. it was on the terrace, a single room. Nobody used it for anything. So I moved all my stuff there and eventually it became my official Hobby Room. I used to put my paintings on the wall. I used to create my masterpieces there. I could see spectacular sunsets from our terrace. The above picture was inspired by one of them.


2 thoughts on “My Passion… before Photography

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