Lazy, Hungry and Lot more to Do

I have become a lot lazier now a days. The reason being a full-time mom. My daughter is not of much trouble now a days. She does a lot of things by herself. She is not at all troublesome. I have a lot of time when she is sleeping in the afternoons. I have a lot more things to accomplish when she is asleep.

I want to myself to be a little active, so am trying to make some to do lists. I thought I’ll make small post around the house to finish the job undone. The First job is to search for posts. lol.

I hope I recover from this fatigue very soon because I have to start working on candles. I will have to juggle between mom’s and my home. I’m starting candles from Sunday. The first thing I’ll be doing is buy some good dyes and molds for floating candles. I’m making my To-Do lists work this time

All the Best to myself.


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