Growing Up

My Daughter’s growing up so fast. She is just 21 months and she understands everything we talk. She too can speak most of it, but its a little difficult to understand. Many a times, I feel I missed so many of her activities, even after being a full-time Mom. I pity the working class. I’m proud about not working and choosing to bring up my daughter on my own. She is really smart. She grasps things very soon. She knows how to handle her dad, her grand parents, especially me. The moment she knows I’m angry, she comes running to me with open arms and a big smile. The Bear Hug morphs the anger to big laugh.

She now recognizes all the animals and the things around the house, most of the colors. She imitates the way Fish breathes [its mouth close and open while its breathing], she makes the sounds of animals like Dog, Cat, Duck, Lion, Tiger… [with a funny face]. I could have taught her a lot more. But I’m not in the race. I see people trying to teach their kids everything possible at the early age and perform in front of the guests. Nimisha is so tender, like a bud yet to bloom. I don’t want to burden her small brain. I want her to grow up naturally.

That doesn’t mean she is dumb.

She knows how to behave. She is quiet and calm around strangers, she’s full of joy when she’s with my parents and my sister. She’s a prankster with her dad, when it comes to my father in law she is so demanding [i.e, her grandfather, who stays with us. He Pampers her a lot] She is very obedient with me. [Since I’m the Tamer]

I am so happy about the way I have brought her up.

In fact most of it is self learning. I keep telling her imaginary stories about good manners, behaviors, habits which she has inculcated in her. I compliment her with words like ‘good girl’, ‘jaane’ [smart] and frown my face to show I’m not happy about something she did. She immediately understands what she is supposed to do and what not. She has learnt a lot at this age like, putting her toys back once she has finished playing, closing the book and putting it back on the shelf and she puts her sipper into the kitchen sink once she has finished her milk. I compliment her when she does such things and  I feel this method’s better than the direct instructions we try to thrust upon them.

Many of them suggested me to put her to school when she was 18 months old. I didn’t want to, I don’t want to send her to school even when she is 2. We all went to school when we were 4 or 5 years old. She’s not even properly potty trained. I wonder how my baby take care of herself, without me around. But I also understand its so necessary in this competitive world to be updated with others.

I hope and wish that My support and blessings will make sense when she becomes a good human being.


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