Milestones Of My Life – VII The AOL Interview!

I received a call for interview at AOL at their  Office which was then at ITPL. [The BPO centre closed down on 1st of August 2010 and this happened in October 2006]. It was around 45 KM from where I stayed. It was impossible to reach there by time, if I took a Public Transport. My parents were apprehensive. I asked them to give me a chance. My dad thought I would not make it as it was at the ITPL [He thought I was not smart enough to get in there… lol] So he agreed and accompanied me to see the place. AOL was at 8th floor of the Explorer Building at ITPL.

I continued with the second round, it was a GK test. The third one was GD [Group Discussion]. The topic was Arrange marriage over Love marriage. I was taken aback from the topic. This was something I hadn’t discussed even with my best friend how would I do it in front of so many people whom I don’t know [U can imagine how dumb i was]. I had to do it. I decided I will talk for Arrange marriage. I am not was not instantaneous smart ass then. So I made notes of what I wanted to say. The whole room was occupied, there were many of them, and most of them were experienced. The minute the discussion began, everybody wanted to say something. I kept seeing everywhere the noise came from. This wasn’t working.  One of the HR, in the room asked them to stop talking. He asked each one of us to present our views and in case anybody objected would have to raise their hands. Most of them spoke for Love marriage. I was shocked by their views about Arranged marriage. Though I spoke, the HR asked me to elaborate over the points [that made me a lilttle nervous]. After the discussion was complete they called a few out names, and mine was the last, We are asked to come back the next day for final round.

I was there by 11-00 am, the Next day. The final round was a One on one with the HR manager, who asked me about my goals, one such question she asked me was, if I was appointed, where would I see myself in the next 5 years at AOL? I very confidently said, I would be in the highest position at AOL. [lol… I find it so funny now, when I’m writing this]. This interview was the shortest among all the others. We are asked to wait to collect the offer letters. And I waited. It was 2.30 pm, they asked us have lunch at the cafeteria. I was scared, but I managed to get a plate and find a lonely place to have lunch. More than I enjoyed the food I was thrilled by the people around. Once I came back from lunch I waited and waited but no one really bothered. There was me and another guy waiting. I guess that guy couldn’t wait any longer, he just walked out of the room. I got frustrated, It was 4.30 pm already and it’s was over time for me as I had to travel almost 40 km back home. I walked up to the receptionist and told her that it was getting late and I stay very far from ITPL, I told her I would walk out if they don’t provide me the offer letter immediately. [I was shit scared to say those words, but my frustration was more than the want for job] She did not react, but just got up and asked me to wait. She came back with a smart looking guy, I got scared. He called me into the cabin and asked to take my seat.

Once I sat down, He gave me a few papers, as I was going through it he said “Welcome to AOL family, we expect you to be here at 9 am on 5th of Dec.” I didn’t know how to react, I just thanked him and walked out of AOL. I knew this was coming, but the offer letter gave me a different kind of a thrill. I was actually floating, I dint know how I reached the bus stand, which bus I got into and where I bought the ticket for. I only remember that I reached home when it was almost dark. My mom opened the door with worried look. She had all sorts of questions for me. The answer I gave her was the offer letter.


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