Milestones Of My Life – VI My Road to… Interviews?? I Guess

So, starting from where I left… [My First Job]After I quit my job @ the school abruptly, I had to find something better. I thought there was nothing better than the school. I had decided to spend rest of my life there and even dream t about being the principal of the school some day. After I quit, I realized there was so much more in this world, It was just me a frog of the well, didn’t know nothing more than the walls around.

I started hunting for job. I didn’t know what I wanted . I just wanted to work. I just wanted to tell everybody that I’m not sitting at home dumb and idle, [like most of my cousins, then] I didn’t know where to start from. It reminded me of Anitha. She was my tuition mate when we were studying 10th. She was working for a call center. She had told me about it long time back. I thought why not give it a try? My parents were strictly against it, because of the night shifts and worried about my security.

I actually went to a call center consultancy called Convergys that one of my cousins suggested [I have had forgotten the name] and they conduct interviews at their office. I got selected in the interview as I am good with my spoken English [Thanks to Indian Preparatory School].. I told them confidently that I was looking for an inbound call center [inbound call center: the customers make calls to the company] and with cab facility. Now based on the reviews of the interview, they arranged interviews with other companies.

Every interview from there on brought a lot of confidence in me. Everybody I met made me strong. I thought I was dumb, but most of them didn’t even speak English but still had a strong will to work in a call center.

In one such interview, we were around 12 – 15 of us. I was nervous; most of them already had experiences of 2 – 3 years in this field. I was shocked to hear the results. I was the only one who got selected and they were ready to pay the package I asked for. [The company was for 24/7, in those days, it was the biggest BPO Company in Bangalore]. They asked me to work for an outbound section. I didn’t want to do it. I’m very bad at Sales. I felt real bad, but I didn’t want to risk my career by doing something when I knew you I will not be able to perform. During such interviews, I saw a lot of IT companies from very close, they were so happening, I never knew there were pantries and cafeterias inside the office campus. Those plush chairs, cabins, wow, they were seducing me. I knew already this is where I wanted to be. I tried so hard to convince my parents by telling all this.

Then came the call for a Interview at AOL.


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