The Day She was Born

As I was prone to High Blood Sugar during my pregnancy my delivery date was preponed. The Doctor said, there were chances for the baby to overgrow due to this problem and it would be dangerous for both mother and child. My due date was on Dec 12th but was preponed to November 28th almost 2 weeks early. The doc had decided to induce pain for a natural birth but she didn’t rule out the chances of a C section if necessary.

I was woken up by the WIC (Ward In-Charge) in the morning, it was exact 5. 30 am. She gave me enema and asked me to finish my chores and be prepared. I was too heavy and feeling very tired. I couldn’t even walk a few steps. I was feeling tired. My face had swollen up. I got ready by 6.00 am. I was taken back to the same room; the same nurse who ran the check yesterday was still there. They started monitoring the heart beats. She was surprised that I still couldn’t feel the pain. The reporting doctor came in and ran few more checks. She gave me an injection to induce pain again, (I had been induced the night before) but nothing happened. They looked worried. I heard her making calls. Probably she was reporting to my Gynecologist Dr. Usha Vikrant. They seemed to be little worried.

The doctor arrived at 8.30 am in the morning. She went through the reports. She seemed to be calm. She is a very nice lady, very knowledgeable and attentive too. She always had a smile on her face.She too ran some checks and said “Since there is no reaction to the injections, we are going to manually begin the process”.

It was all rocket science to me.

I was neither worried, nor tensed. I was probably confused whether to worry or feel happy about not having pains yet. The doctor wore the gloves; she had an assistant with her. She was explaining what she would be doing, I was blank. My mind was completely blank, no picture…

I could feel the water gush out. It took a few minutes for me to realize that so much of water gushed out of me. The doctor had just punctured the water bag. This is an indication for the baby that its time to come out. From now on the baby starts pushing to come out.

Its 9.30 am, the nurse is surprised to see me so calm. The pressure reading thing had shot up to 55; my back started to ache a little. My mind was blank; probably I was in state of shock. I told myself that I’m going to deliver a baby and I must be in pain. It’s the pain that will bring the baby out. The thought of pain increased the back ache. I tried to move, that movement hit my stomach with a wave of pain. I moaned. I saw the clock it was 10.30 am.

The pain hits like a wave. It is difficult to explain the pain. Each woman has her own story about it. It begins with small numbness around the trunk and grows into an unbearable pain pushing towards the abdomen. It’s like anxiously waiting for the small line of water of the sea growing into a huge wave and hitting you hard right on your face. It became more and more intense by every passing minute. I wish I died; I didn’t want to continue with this. Lot of mixed feelings in my mind, first thing I thought was about my husband. I wanted to kill him once I got out of here. Then I thought I wish I didn’t get married at all, so, I blamed my dad for all this, if only he didn’t get me married et all. I was feeling nauseous, I wanted to poop, and I wanted to do everything at once. What irritated me more was the reaction of the nurse in charge. She was acting as if I didn’t exist at all. I asked for water so many times, she strictly said no. I also asked her to call the doctor as the pain was unbearable, she stayed there reading the machine as if she didn’t hear me… I shouted at her a few times too.

She called in a maid nurse, to help me with my physical concerns. For a couple of hours, she massaged my whole body. Though it didn’t help me much, she kept consoling me.

It was 12.30 pm. The pain became unbearable. My cries became louder. People could here it outside. My sister came to check on me. I told her I couldn’t bear it anymore, and asked her to call the doctor. She did so; the doc came up by 1.00 pm. I told her the pain was unbearable. She tried to console me. I pleaded her for a surgery; I behaved like a small child pleading her mom, crying for ice-cream. She too like a wise mom kept assuring me that she’s going to call for anesthesia expert, so she could immediately start off the surgery. At the same time she asked the maid nurse to get me prepared. I don’t remember anything after that. I was so tired I guess I passed out.

When I gained back my senses, I looked at the clock on the wall, it was 1.30PM. I’m on the operation table. The doctor has changed into her OT uniform. I see a nurse, the maid nurse and Dr. Suma standing around me. The doctor’s asking me to push, forget pushing I dint have the strength even to cry. The doctor gave me all the instructions about what she was doing. She said she was making an incision to ease out the pushing, It was nothing at all in front the pain I was having. I wanted to push and finish it so I tried my s**t out.

The doctor kept saying “The baby is crowning; I can see the head, Push a little harder”.

I could feel the baby come out little by little. I knew she was just there. One more push I knew I’m done. That was the hardest part. It took me all strength that I had in each atom of my body to push her head out. The second her had came out, it was such a relief. One more small push she came out completely.

I saw the clock, It was exactly 2.35 PM.

The Doctor said “Ha, there it is. What kind of baby are you expecting Soumya. It is so beautiful”.

I was so done with it I thought “I just wanted it to come out, I don’t mind even if it is a puppy”. She cut the umbilical chord. I heard the baby crying. Ha… I was so relieved. I was feeling so proud about myself. I felt satisfied.

By then, I saw there was a guy who standing besides getting things ready for the baby. He was the reporting pediatrician. “SO is it done” I heard the voice from back, it was Dr. Sameera Reddy, The in charge Pediatrician.

The baby was handed over to her. I didn’t see it yet. I don’t know what baby it was.

The Dr. Usha continued with her instructions “Ok, we are cleaning your stomach now, give me one small push and The placenta will be out” I had no energy I laid there just like that “Done” she said “I am going to stitch you up. It will be a little painful. Bear with me”.

I was trying to take a look at the baby, but I couldn’t see anything. I knew what pain was. I knew I can take on anything in this world from now on.

“It’s a girl!” the Dr. Sameera said, pointing the rear end of the baby. She wanted me to acknowledge it, before she took the baby out. 

That was the time, All the emotions gushed from inside. That was a cleansing period. I wanted to cry but, I was so happy, there were no tears. The doctor brought the baby so close to me, but I couldn’t even lift my hand to hold her. She understood I guess, she said she would pass the baby to my relatives. I saw the time, it was 3.30 pm.



6 thoughts on “The Day She was Born

  1. hello says:

    So nice to see blog on my doctor.. I am also showing to Dr. Usha… Hope I will also have a normal delivery…
    Your blog gave me confidence that my doctor will try for normal delivery.. thanks :)…

  2. Suresh Mani says:

    Hi Soumya,
    was searching Dr Usha Vikrant online and got into your blog, This is a Clean Blog, I couldn’t maintain one (i am bad:(….)

    My wife….My Hari is 10 week pregnant now :). Few weeks back was in search of a good doc, I went to Fortis Nagarbavi and found her, had one round of checkup….you are right she is calm, greets with a smiling face, we liked her on our first visit….

    Hey I am replying to you to ask a question and opinion about this doc….how is this Doc, can we continue with this Doc….My wife wants to deliver our Baby in her native – Trichy, but i am against it, i want to continue with one doc till the end….please help clear my confused mind….

    • Hi… Its so nice to know you got to my blog. Dr. Usha Vikrant is still my gynecologist. She is great as a person and great as a doctor too. If you want my suggestion. She’s the best.

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