The Day Before

It was around 9.30 pm IST, Thursday, 27th of November, when we reached the hospital. We were all tensed. Except for dad, everybody (Dhruva, Souju, and Mom) were with me. The reporting Doc Suma took my reports, went through it and took me to a room, with all the medical equipments, blooping and blinking. I was nervous.

The Nurse in charge came into the room, smiled at me. She asked me to wear some huge belts around my then huge belly. (It was so hard to lift my own belly that I had to take her help). “It detects the baby’s heart beat. It’s a 20 min test, to make sure all is well” she said. She stared at the monitor for a minute, turned to me, asked me if I was experiencing pain I replied “No”. She said “The pressure is reached to 45 that are actually painful. You’re lucky, you’re not feeling it”. I didn’t know what she was saying. I stared at her for an explanation. Like she understood, she pointed towards the monitor; she showed a blinking number on it, which would start from 0 and go up to 47. “This is the pressure building up around your womb, to push the baby out. When you are about to deliver, it will go up to 72 – 73. You are lucky; you aren’t feeling any pain, as pressure at 45 is usually painful. Probably it’s a girl!” It was not easing information for a person who’s dieing out of anxiety, than pain. I started wondering why I was not able to realize the pain, than thanking god for not realizing it.

While I was wondering, the nurse undid the belts around me and took a long sheet of graph, called a lady, probably an assistant or so, as she was wearing a different color uniform than the nurse. “She will prepare you for tomorrow” the nurse said and left the room. That day I felt so embarrassed to be a woman. It was terrible. I was hesitating. She tried to convince me by saying “it’s all part of the life and every woman has to go through this”. The lady left the room. The nurse came in with the doctor; she searched for the veins on my hand injected something and said “You can rest tonight. The report’s says everything’s fine”. My husband and sister were waiting for me. They walked me towards the lift.

I had seen this room before as we had booked it a few days earlier. Everything is so commercialized nowadays. Everything was setup for me and our addition. The ward in charge (a mallu nurse) came in and informed us there were some more checkups to be done. Once I lay down on the bed, she searched for nerves on my hand and inserted a needle with a fat tube and plastered it on my hand. She drew a few ml of blood for some checkup she said. I was used to it. I had been going through this for almost a month now as I was suffering from prenatal high blood sugar.

My Husband and sister left to come back in the morning. My mom stayed back with me. It was already 11.30 pm by then.

The WIC gave me one injection on my right and another on my left hand. She marked both the points. Before she could warn me, I had a sever pain on my left hand. She then told me it was an antibiotic test to check if I was allergic to any. The pain wore out after some time. The WIC came in again to let me know that the procedure for delivery will start at 5.30 in the morning and asked me to sleep well. I checked my phone it was 12.30 am. I sent a text message to the yet-to-be Dad, wishing him all the best for tomorrow, as it was big day for both of us. I had also left a thank you Card at home for him, just incase if I don’t survive, I don’t want to regret all through my dead life.


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