Work Hard

I’m real upset. I have just loss 300 gms of weight for 23 days of diet. This is bad, no… ugly. My dietitian says it’s the cleansing period. All toxins are being removed. The next three months will be the reduction period. She is totally cool about it. She doesn’t seem to be upset at all. I feel like pulling my hair out and shout out loud. Only I know what kind of mental trauma I’m going through. Its been 23 days I have had my morning Breakfast. I  drank barrels of water and spent almost 3 grands, just to lose 300 gms od my huge body mass. I’m hating this. At the same time, I’m more determined.

Actually I’m also at fault. She did tell me about this before. She also mentioned to cut down on rice as much as possible and start the shake for twice a day.     (Shake – is nutritional Milk shake consumed instead of Breakfast and dinner) but I have done it only once a day and rice is my favorite and haven’t given up yet. She also suggested brisk walk for 40 minutes in day. I hardly climb the stairs. Its my fault. This is going to be a challenge for me. It will be difficult but I’m going to do it.

Life’s again teaching the same lesson one more time,” Hard work pays”.


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