Adventure Movie

We planned to watch a movie in a near by mall today. By the time we decided it was already time for the show. When we reached the mall we had just 15 min to buy the tickets, so we parked the 2 wheeler outside the mall if we don’t get the tickets, we will not be paying the parking fee.

When we reached the counter there were only 3 tickets left and 2 were being bought. It was very disappointing. It was a regional movie in which the main characters belong to the eighty’s. While we were coming back, we saw Lilliput’s running a discount sale, so we stopped by to check out. we also stopped by the mall’s bakery to order a cake for Dhruva’s nephew. (It was his birthday on Friday, we decided to celebrate it today) we came out only to find that the bike was missing. My heart sank. It was my dad’s bike and he wouldn’t really like what happened.

My husband got furious because it was my idea. Besides, he always prefers to pay and park, so it is safer. We found out it was towed by the traffic police and the police station is almost 10 km from the mall. He was wanted to yell at me. We decided to keep it between us, as my father would keep it between us.

We took a bus to the Police station. Once we reached, we saw the bike. A little relaxed Dhruva went into the station, but the Inspector was out for lunch, so we had to wait. He inquired a few people around there, if it was possible to get the bike before the Inspector returned. I also learn t that, if you are fined for seven times on your license number, then it would be canceled permanently. We waited probably for 15 min. The inspector returned. He brought out a receipt book, a blackberry and a walkie cum printer. He asked number and started working on his blackberry. What amused me was the fluency he had with the instrument. I never thought the government workers could really use the gadgets like a blackberry. once he was done with it, he started writing the receipt, at the same time we got a printed acknowledgment with all the details. he charged us Rs 300 and let us take the vehicle. there was no much talking done.

I was grinning, in joy as we got the bike safely out of there. I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t give such hasty suggestions to him again. As soon as I sat down, I started off with my suggestions on the route back home. I realized that I just vowed not to do so. The fun part is, Dhruva did take my suggestions and blindly followed it.

Men are men always…


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