Its been so long to have worn the headset, with songs playing so loud in it. It’s such a cut off from the world. U and only u and hear nothing from outside. It’s just the song and me. It really doesn’t matter to me what I’m listening to but, that  can’t hear anything else… is what matters.  My daughter needs constant attention, there;s postman ringing the door bell, Phone’s need tobe attended. so it’s not possible to enjoy the bliss all the time. Today I’m at mom’s place, and everything else is taken care of, including my daughter.  Wow…s so its nice to have parents around.

It’s nice to just sit down lazily with music so loud, with no worries about my daughter, cooking, no responsibilities, sleep late get up late. I don’t need an outing in a luxurious resort, in a spa, on hill-top, or on the beach bed. Its more than all that. I’m listening to Kuch na Kaho, Kuch bhi na kaho… Well, that’s what I wanted, I don’t what to hear anything, I don’t want to do anything, just sit idle, glaring at the sky and think nothing, no thoughts, the mind screen is empty, blur, and time’s like just stopped, Like I don’t belong to this world. I’m thrilled just thinking of it.

I have enjoyed such things before. When I was working for AOL, I was used to those late night shifts. I couldn’t sleep during my weekends till the wee hours. So, I used to get to the terrace, sleep on those ceramic tiles (It would hurt my back but still loved it) and stare at those twinkling stars. It would be around 2 am, there are no vehicles, so utter silence and cool breeze, nobody to disturb. Just sky, breeze, stars and me. Many times I have the shooting stars too. Its so nice to have some time for yourself. I’m loving it.


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