Oh… I’m sick of it. The more I think of it, The more I eat. I’m going mad and also fat day by day. Actually its postnatal weight that I’m trying to shed off from past 20 months. Thanks to me, at least I thought about it. But now I wonder Why did I ever do so.

Actually nobody is complaining, I still fit in my Jeans and look decent, but I’m trying to get back to my curvy days. (Trust me I did) My husband never says anything about how fat I’m. It never bothers him (that’s why he doesn’t say anything) We actually look good with each other, It’s just that, I want to look neat. I still fit in the L size dresses, I wear skirts, jeans and I still look good. I don’t know what’s the problem.

The diet I’m following is from my friend, who’s from Herbalife. Its something like, They have a lot of powders, and capsules which actually reduces 2 types of fat in the body, 1. the fat deposited on the organs, and 2. the fat deposited under the skin. Well, whatever, Fat is fat. I can’t go to a gym and work out, as the baby is too small to leave her on her own, so opted for Herbalife.

The powder is taken in the form a milkshake, which I drink instead of breakfast. I’m adjusted to it by now, I have gone without breakfast for almost 9 months now, but this has to be taken twice for me to show some difference in the inch loss. I cannot quit the dinner, may be a mind block, but I cannot, I dread from the evening and probably am overeating, because I’m not eating in the night. after all the munching in the evening, I give up on the diet (as if i have been hungry from ages) and hog the dinner too… I want to get slim, (at least get back the curves). I’m desperate – for both – eating and dieting. Wow… Am I the only one or Is there anybody else there who’s got dietophobia?


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