Something About Me

No… This is not the About Me Page, its post about me, Physical me and that’s My Hair. Its all curly. Trust me I have not seen anybody with hair like mine in my lifetime (That’s in school, college…. etc). Sometimes… you know, I’m amused, sometimes I’m miffed and sometimes jealous, coz, the curly Hair I’m blessed with is so curled up, that I can do nothing else with it other than tie it up together into a pony tail. If I let it open its all over my head, You will not be able to see the person behind me. I dont need a Volume enhance shampoo or a treatment. My hair is almost a quarter when tied than what you see when untied. I guess You will need no explanation when you see thiss>>

But the best part is, the texture of it. each strand is thick and strong. Its Jet black and very soft too (though it doesn’t look like) . I guess I will not need any dyes or coloring at least for another 10 years. All thanks to my mom, for oiling my hair, Braiding it into 2 plaits and never letting it open. One more advantage I never worry about the weather, it never makes a difference to my hair. It would remain the same all the time. I have never changed my hairstyle, probably from almost 15 years now and I guess it wont change for the rest of my life. (That’s a nice record… I guess) I envy those girls who have straight hair, wavy hair, bouncy hair… whatever kind except for curls. They seem so different. I do iron my hair, but its only temporary. A lot of times I have thought about smoothening it, but don’t want to experiment with it.

One more thing with my hair is you cant make out the length of my hair as it all curls up (I used this word again). I want to grow my hair longer, but its of no use. It never shows It doesnt grow beyond my shoulders. Sometimes I vow not cut my hair at all for the rest of my life. But the sad split ends force me to.


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