With every child a Dad is born… the child grows up, but a father never grows up. This is the moral of the film “Naanu Nanna Kanasu”. It’s a very emotional movie. Its all about how a father feels for his daughter.

I have seen the same changes in Dhruva too. He has become more caring, softer and emotional. I guess he sees his mother in Nimisha.

Dhruva is the youngest at home. He has never taken any responsibilities before. He takes things very light. When ever we spoke about having a baby, he dreaded. He would push off from there with silly reasons. But from the time I have conceived he’s always been very caring and keen about the baby. I could see a lot of changes in him after Nimisha was born.

All my problems became our problems now. He wanted to give our daughter a peaceful environment. He does everything, and more than he can to keep her daughter happy.

His behaviors have changed, positively. He’s more responsible, he’s concerned about the way we live, the way his daughter is brought up.

They say Mothers are practical. Yes, I am. May be, it comes as a part of motherhood. Your heart tells you what should be your response to every action of the baby. I feel it’s a mother’s instinct, that you know when you need to worry, when to let go and when to take control of the situation.

Dhruva is worried about every move Nimisha takes. Though it doesn’t seem so, I can feel he is worried if she’s not around. I want my daughter to grow up as an independent, where she will capable to handle things on her own, but Dhruva makes it a point to be around her when ever he gets a chance. I want her to explore the world around her, Dhruva is conscious about what she touches, what she is playing with. He keeps washing her hands, wiping her nose, holding her hands. I want her to play in the mud, get dirty, get wet, and grow up tuff. I want to leave her at her grandparents during the weekends, so she will not depend on us all the time and also we could get some time for ourselves. But, Dhruva doesn’t want me to do that. Even if I did, he’s worrying about her every minute, He doesn’t say it, but I know.

After all I’m his wife first then a mother.


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