I Need You, You Need Me, So Lets Make it Work

This caption was the first thing that caught my eye on the home page of Word Press. It made me curious to know what it was all about. While I started guessing what this blog was about, I clicked on this  link . It was real fun, once I got there. There were a lot of replies too about this funny exercise.  I tried it too…

All you need to do is..

  • Google your name and the word needs (i.e, John needs)
  • Click Search
  • Record the First 10 results

According to Google I need:

  1. I need a Friend (So true.. and its on No.1 priority)
  2. I need a sponsorship of up to 5 lakhs (Please… I’m waiting. I really need that money)
  3. I need to assess global research and priorities (I am not able to assess my own priorities… forget global)
  4. I need special mention (For the tough job of parenting)
  5. I need a spot for all your dog needs (I guess I’m the dog here)
  6. I need a holisitc approach to all my finances (seriously… I’m a Spendthrift)
  7. I need to restore the database from the scratch (whose…the computer’s or mine)
  8. I need to identify clients needs and meeting deadlines (My only client right now is my daughter)
  9. I need to listen to the patients and be attentive (again patients… my daughter)
  10. I need none of that (I’m not lying… that was the last one and its true, I dont need any of the above as I tried this for fun)

Nice Time Pass of the day…


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