Milestones of My Life – V My First Job

My first job was in a school. It was a local school in our area. Mount Carmel High School. I was appointed as a Computer Faculty.  I was supposed to teach computers to students of class III up to X. It was not easy to handle kids (as I myself was a kid. I was barely 19). Those Kids are a Milestone too. They taught me patience; they taught me how to love those tender hearts. They taught me what feelings are… I don’t remember when the last time I felt for somebody outside my family (I didn’t even have any feelings for my friends either…). Those kids were so tiny… so innocent, one pitch higher in my voice and would shiver.

I knew they were tender, I always have been one among them, but I always was stern to them. Most of my students called me Hitler, I don’t if they were scared of the Headmistress, but they were scared of me. Every Year during the School’s Annual Day, I would have one dance program from my side and it would turn out to be the best. I grew more confident. I learnt I had this hidden talent of dancing in me, but never brought the out anytime before. I learnt how to interact with people. Hats off to the school and those students.


Jyothi was the accountant, in the same school. She was much elder to me. She taught me to not to go by the looks of the person. She looked stern and arrogant from her appearance, but she was not. She is a very caring and a loving person. She loves eating sweets, and she is one too… She taught me that there’s a real wild life waiting for me, I just have to get out of my sheets and go face it. She explained this to me in a very sweet fairy tale type of story. She taught me to smile, no matter what. I guess, the smile she set on my face is still gleaming. She too is living happily But, I have lost her in the wilderness of this wild life.


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