Milestones of My Life – IV @ College…

I can never make time to sit down to write, because it takes more time to recollect those thoughts than type it. But I want to.

Anyways … Well, at school, most of it was new to me, except for studies. I learn t how important it was to be in good books of the Teacher, how important it is to have friends, especially best friends. I had a few good friends. I didn’t stand out. I was one among the crowd. I don’t regret. It was somewhat fun.

All the decisions for me were taken by my Parents, including my marriage. So after I passed my board exams, they decided that I take up a Diploma course in Computer Science. One of my Uncles was a lecturer in a very well known college. He suggested that I join the SKP (Well… it stands for Smt. Kamalabai Polytechnic). It was an mediocre college. As I had scored well in my Board Exams, it was a piece of cake for me.

Madhulekha and me joined the same college. Well, we were good friends, but we always competed against each other. Madhulekha was a good person, but she was self-seeking (I don’t want call her selfish… it would be too harsh.) This was a good lesson for me, but I learnt it very late… At first year, we were like any normal first year student, shy, obedient, sincere. The very next year, we were the Dons to the CS (Computer Science) department. Everybody knew us. Our presence was visible in every event. We made groups, we boycotted, we made peace, we were punished, we made jokes of our lecturers, and we organized trips. We did everything we could as college pupils.

Other than Madhu, it was Grace, Meenakshi, Ramya and Deepa @ college.

She brought confidence in me. She made me independent. She taught me how to be selfish she played me with ultimate smartness. She always knew when to show up and how to take credit of things for which she hardly did anything. I would always end up being the cause of bad things (without my knowledge). I guess that smartness grew in me years after I left college.. What ever she did, she did it for herself. She never intended it do any bad to me. I don’t blame anybody or regret anything that happened in my life. She is still a good friend of mine. She’s there somewhere in this world leading a happy life with her family.


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