Extra marital Affairs

Of course not mine OK

It was 5 in the evening; I was casually standing by the window and doing my hair. I see them having a casual talk. He gets up from his seat, walks down to the main door, looks around, turns back and bang!.. he closes the door. I freeze. I’m blank… I force myself to come back to now.

First thing, it took me a while to realize that this was not supposed to happen. Secondly, I wonder how they could cheat on their partners without feeling the guilt while indulging in such pleasures. I never thought she would do such a thing. She looked so innocent. I recalled confirming that such a thing had happened and happened in front of my eyes, in such densely populated area, where even if you sneezed in your room, people next door would know you had caught cold.

I come to my window like I do every now and then, take peek at the roadside. There’s a 3 storey building diagonally opposite to ours and I have been observing this girl (well, though she’s married, her appearance tells me, she still must be a girl) who stays in the ground floor with her husband. My curiosity about this couple grew as they don’t look like husband and wife, but almost like father and daughter. (Why not… because the girl is his own sister’s daughter) He must be in his 40’s and she must be around 20 – 22. It seems like he’s least bothered about this girl. I am seeing them from about 3 years now, I haven’t seen any good interaction between them, infact, I haven’t seen them smiling at each other, forget smiling at each other, I haven’t seen him smiling at all. They were compelled to marry each other by his parents. I feel pity about her plight.

In the same building, in the second floor lives a family. It’s a small family of a husband and a wife and a small kid, probably 5 years old. The husband has a business of something to do with the engine oils. I’ve seen him coming at the odd times of the day. His wife (Ms. Ignorant) is a house wife; she takes good care of the family. The boy’s very cute and looks quite a smart boy. They match all qualities of a happy family.

And today…I see this girl, whom I felt pity about, with this guy who supposedly is leading a happy life, in his own house in the absence of his wife.

I tried to convince myself, that the girl (I don’t know anyone’s name here, so I would call her Ms. Desperate) wasn’t really responsible for such a situation. It was her Husband (Mr. Irresponsible) had he been her true husband in all walks of life; she wouldn’t have made this wrong move. Ms. Desperate is a human being too, she too has feelings and she tried to find it in someone else.

I’m very angry at this guy; the tenant (I will call him Mr. Advantage) is really taking advantage of her situation. He could have been a good friend to Ms. Desperate and could have helped her with suggestions to straighten her crumpled marriage. Rather he took advantage of the situation and her too.

This episode took place during the absence of Ms. Ignorant (Mr. Advantage’s Wife) as it was summer vacation for the kid and they were out of station. I really feel bad for Ms. Ignorant, who blindly trusts her husband.

Even today I see this incident repeat, the location sometimes change. I think this would continue either until they realize the mistake or they are caught red handed by either of their spouses.

Hope the latter come true.


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