Milestones of My Life – III School Basket Ball Team

The Game Basket ball has taught me a lot of stuff in my life. Actually I joined Basket ball because of one of my close friend Madhulekha.

I don’t want to divulge from the topic, so I’m writing about the game first.

From the first day, the game taught me about fitness. Basically, I’m a plump a little extra healthy looking girl when I joined the team. Exercise was not for me. I didnt bother about the so called “Perfect Figure”that teens want to be. I actually didnt bother much about how I looked.

you know, I never wanted to play this game after my first day’s warm up exercises. I wasn’t lazy, but I dint know that most of the muscles in my body were able to stretch. But then motivation and the energy this game gave me, I didn’t  want to leave it anymore.

I was a wing player. I was the guard amongst the five. I always wished I was tall enough to play in the center. I dreaded to be at the pivot. I was a mediocre. I don’t know if I played well, but I know this game was a foundation for my life. If I were not to join this game that day, may be I would become a nerd.

Some of the girls from the Basket ball team are Madhulekha, Shwetha, Sunitha, Sushma, Laksmi, Vidhya, greeshma, sunetra and of course our coach Mr. Govind Raj.

This game too is a Milestone of my Life. I learn t how to keep myself fit and healthy. I learned to acknowledge my responsibilities. I learned to travel using Local Transports. I learned to learn from my mistakes. I learned Self Defense. I learned strategic planning. I met my first crush. I learn t to cheat. I learn t to be selfish.  I learn t what ego is, I learn t how it feels to be defeated. I learn t to rejoice the success.

Well, it was a lot of learning. I should say I grew up to an adolescent from a kid, because of this game.


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