Milestones of My Life – II High School

Milestones of My Life

After completing middle school (that is up to Std 7) I joined a new school for high school. This was a whole new experience for me. It was an all girls school.

I joined Nirmala Rani High School, they followed States syllabus. Here is where I learn t there’s more in this world, there’s more than school, studies, there’s more than home and cousins.I felt like a frog in the old well, when I saw the girls here in this school. The school administration gave a lot of importance to extra curricular activities., which was not the same in my previous school. Probably because, it was ICSE syllabus. We had to cover a lot of portions  for the academic year.

Some of my Best friends I remember are Radhika, Anitha, Vidhya, Sumathi, Sushma… hmmm, thats all the names I can remember.

We had club activities every Tuesday. I t was my choice to select the club I want to join. I was in Biology club in the 1st year. Then I joined the Guides Club. I am so proud to be Guide Cadet. The best part of this school was I joined the schools’ Basket Ball team. This is where my perspective for the world changed.


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