Milestones of My Life – I School Friends

School Friends

Well, I may  not remember everybody’s name, but there are few school mates, who really laid the foundation for what I’m now.This is the first Milestone of my Life.

From the day I remember, I was an average student, not much interested in studies, and had very little friends. I don’t remember who my first friend was..

I did my primary schooling in Indian Preparatory School, which followed ICSE syllabus.

I guess I was in Std 3, a group of my classmates would have lunch together during our lunch break. Our mothers had become good friends. They would compare our progress in studies, criticize our teachers, feel proud about their daughters.

There came a stage where no mommies followed us to the school anymore, we would carry our own lunch bags, help ourselves. That was the first milestone of my life I guess, to what I remember. It was then I got hear my friends, the topics they discussed, the types of girls they wanted to befriend. What was the latest stuff available? What does hobby mean… and stuff.

Studies meant a Lot to them. Grades and Ranks were the topics discussed. I was so damn dumb, trust me. I feel so ashamed about it even now. I would wonder how did they know about all this? It was astonishing. But I just heard them, then I listened, I absorbed.

I should name a few of them, Ashwini, Sharadha, Bhargavi, Sudha, Pavana, Bhavani, Rashmi, Swapna.

We attended each others Birthday parties. Slowly I realized how important studies was. I started learning the lessons of Life.

I wanted to be a part of every program at school. I wanted everybody to know me. I wanted my teachers call me upon to monitor the class. My enthusiasm was boosted by these friends.


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