I am writing about an incident which took place, I guess, a couple of years ago. It flashed in my mind when I was watching a reality show Emotional Hatyachar. (It is a show to detect if he or she is cheating on their partner.)

About the incident…, it took place I guess 2 years ago when I was working for AOL at Diamond District campus. I was doing a 1.00 to 9.00 pm shift. I would leave home by 11.45 am, take a bus no. 96 to Kempegowda Bus Stand. From there, I would catch another bus (I have forgotten the bus number, but it was a Volvo)  to Old Airport Road and reach office by 12.45pm. we would get a drop back home in the company cab. This was my everyday routine.

It was already 2 months that my office moved from ITPL to Diamond District, a regular routine. Most of the faces at KBS was already familiar. That day, I was waiting for the bus, I see this man walking towards me with a big smile on his face. immediately my mind started tracing this  image to check if I knew this man.  He was short and bald,a little plump too. He was  well dressed. He wore spectacles too. By his looks he did not look like a native, He had very little features of an Indian. My mind gave me a clear answer that he was not a known person.

Before I could turn away to avoid him, He came to me and started talking. “Hi, I’m very new to Bangalore, I want to explore it on my own. But I found out its very difficult, I need help and among all these  people I found your face familiar and friendly I thought I will ask for your help.” He continued… “I want to know if there is a place where people hang out and chill? COuld you please help me with that?” By the time I realize what he was talking, My regular bus had already arrived to the stand. Looking at the bus, I answered ” You are talking about MG Road, it s the Hep place in Bangalore and this Bus will take you there.” before I finish my sentence I was already walking towards that Bus, coz I knew if missed that bus, I would be late. “Are you taking the same Bus, then I can get more Information about Bangalore and i would…”

I didn’t hear anything after that as I rushed between people who trying to get into the bus. As I settled in the first seat, I see this guy entering the bus, and before I could react, he sat besides me.

He said “Thanks, I got friend who can help me out with this situation” He spoke nonstop. “So what’s name of the place you suggested? Does this bus stop exactly at that place? or do I have to walk from there?” he asked. I told him “You need to get down at MG Road stop, there are lot of places to hang out. There are few malls to shop too.” The Conductor had already started issuing tickets, I keep the change ready, so I pulled out 2 10 rupee Note, but he already gave a 100 rupee note gave it to the conductor and told him to give 2 tickets for where ever I was going, I was startled about what he told him, but I forced him to take the money. By the time I could realize there were lot of things happening.

He started talking about himself. He said, “I’m from Kerala. But now I’m a resident in UK”. He also told that he was married and not happy about his marriage. He had come alone to India to meet his family. Before returning to UK, he wanted to visit Bangalore as he had read that it was a tech hub. He told me he was very lonely in life and all the crap.

Even before I could realize that man, took my hand into his, rubbed my palm, and said it was very soft. I pulled my hand back, then he started pestering me to join him and show him the city. That is when I realized that this man was a fake. and trying to take me in his control. I wanted to get out of this, we had already reached the Residency road stop by then. I had to act quick. I couldnot let him control the situation. I didnt want to get down in an unknown place and create some more fuss. Next stop was the Mayo Hall stop, which I thought was best to get down, if I had call fro help, I had my sister’s office very near by, Sunitha was working in Thompson which was 2 buildings away and Dhruva’s office was just 2 km away from this location. As soon as the Bus stopped, I jumped out of my seat, that man too got up wondering what I was doing.  I got down from the bus. He followed me. I was scared, but didn’t show it out. I told the man that I had to meet my sister, who was working near by. He again forced me to join him, and kept talking all crap. I could only hear my heart beat louder and faster. I sternly told him “I need to go”. He stopped talking fro a moment.He shook my hand and gave me an email id and asked me to keep in touch. he was still holding my hand while I was trying to walk away. He pulled himself towards me and kissed me on the cheek. I gasped. It was in the centre of the city, where hundreds, no… thousands of people were walking around, walking beside us. And this man dared to kiss me in front of all these people. I didn’t like that. I wanted to slap him. He was still holding my hand. I pulled away from him, and walked the opposite direction, towards my sister’s office.

There were a lot of thoughts running in my mind. What if somebody saw me with this man? What if he followed me to the office? What if my husband saw him kiss me on my cheek? A lot of horrible thoughts… I reached my sister’s office, but the fear in me hadn’t come down. I also realized it was late for my office. I saw an Auto in the stand, walked straight towards it and took to my office.While I passed the same spot, I see this man, walking down the street as though he knew this place from a very long time.Then I realized he was trying to fool me and I would be an easy prey to such kind of people.

This episode haunts me even today… I feel what a moron I was to encourage such people. First of all I feel so dumb as I couldn’t realize his intentions at the beginning it self.


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