Happy Birthday To Me

I completed 27 years of my life this 18th. I had a pleasant surprise this year.

Actually we were returning home from a family trip and all of us were tired. I was suffering from water infection; I had a severe throat pain and also sinus attack. I wanted to go home as soon as possible, as I’m home sick. Since it was already late, we decided to have lunch at Iravatha, (local restaurant) but Dhruva insisted on going to 1947 (another local restaurant). I was a little irritated as he was adamant about the restaurant. We got in, took our seats, again arguments on what to order, once we settle down, I see a man walking with the cake, and before I could realize, they played the Happy Birthday song, It was so embarrassing, but that made me happy.

All thanks to Dhruva…. I Love You.

More than quarter of my life is already over. And still I have achieved nothing. I still have a long list of things that I want to achieve.

I usually don’t make any resolutions, but this year I want to commit for certain things so as to at least little of what I have thought.

I have decided to

1. Set my priorities

2. Manage time.

3. Think a 100 times, before making a decision

4. Spend carefully

Well, as of now… this is it. This list may continue to grow with time.

Lets wait and watch.


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