I Hate This Feeling

Last time while I was searching channels on TV, on a particular channel, I saw Ravi Shankar guruji preaching. Few lines I heard were something like this, “If you think about yourself for more than 5 min, You are sure to go into depression”. I felt that was so true, atleast for me.

I dont know what the matter is. I’m really upset. I try my best to do something in life, but nothing’s working out. I just want to keep everything aside and sit in a corner and wait for this feeling to pass off. I am so sick of this feeling. Its irritating, it makes me feel fragile, it makes me feel useless, I feel tired and worn out. I just dont want to do anythig. I have nobody to share this feeling. Actually I dont have anybody who will sit and listen to whatever I want to say. Nobody as so much time. I am sure this feeling will take a very long time to leave me alone. I am just sick and tired of everything around.

At the end of the day, I feel its not the feeling, its me. I need to organize myself. I have to set my priorities. I will continue to struggle to achieve what i want to.


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