Job Satisfaction V/s Money

My daughter’s playing with her toys. I thought I’ll utilize this time to store some of my thoughts. Well I have done many kinds of jobs. I have worked as a consultant, A Faculty, Technical Writer, an Administrator, Web Designer… but yet to find the job satisfaction. While I’m writing this sentence I’m wondering what is the most satisfying thing that I have had or done, and I dont have an answer.

After all the paid jobs, Now I have ventured into a business.

Never did I think of making a career, its all about money. Money to satisfy my materialistic needs. John had identified this trait in me even before I did. He would always call me Material Girl.

I believe that we have one life and need to live to the fullest. I need all the comforts in the world and every man would want it. But the trick lies in the priority. If I’m saying I need all the comforts of the world, then I would have  set my priorities too.  When I say comforts, its not just about me, its about my family. After all they are my world.

Well, coming back to the business, I’m making candles.

I’m very good at the production, with creative and innovative ideas, but, when it comes to marketing, I’m not sure if I will be good at it. Things so far is looking hope it continues to do so.


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