Its a Challenge!

Its hard. But its the fact. Its so very difficult for me to shed this huge load off my body. I fall in the obesity grade 2, which has high risk of heart diseases and Diabetes. I tried a lot of things, like exercises, fasting, breast feeding, but nothing has helped.

Now, I’m going on a nutrition Diet. I will taking in nutrition and cutting on fats. This is not for a day, a week, or a month. Its untill I shed my 23 kgs (67 lbs) of extra fat from my body.

Taking nutrition and not fat is egual to drinking a nutritious shake and cutting on cuople of meals daily. This will go on untill you shed those extra kilos.

Its not easy. The thought of not having a meal itself is dreadful to me and being a South Indian, not eating rice, is so traumatic.

Today is 4th day already. The first three days I have skipped Breakfast. From today I’m supposed to skip my dinner. I felt so bad. I mean what’s the point living such a life, where you are ristricted from having you meal, just to look in shape. The thought made me cry, actually I was weeping, thinking about not eating food, even when you can afford for.

I did cry for a little while, but then its not just to look beautiful, its also about being healthy. 23 kgs is not a small mass. I have taken this as a challenge. I am sure I will look much better than what I’m right now.

All the best to me!


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