Can You believe it? I haven’t written for the whole of August.

Its been very long since I’ve written something. I have shifted back to my husband’s place. I have no time even to groom myself. I’m in a pathetic condition. I’m not happy to come back here. There are many reasons but one of them is I have to do all the chores at home and also take care of my daughter.

The house has become mess from the time I have left for my delivery. I’m trying to put things back in place. Also my daughter’s growing up very fast. She tends to pull everything that eye rolls at.  We play a nice game to keep ourselves in shape, she pulls out everything and I put them back in their place.

One more sad part of my life is My Camera broke. Well , actually, it works, but te digital part of it doesnot work, I mean the screen that displays photos is white. lol… I feel like one of those customers who called up for technical help at AOL. My camera was my best friend.

I have lost a lot of things after I moved with my HUsband. Everything’s so different, including him. Anyways, I want to be back on track. will catch up with time.


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