My Marriage

Like every girl I too had some imaginations about my future husband, I imagined him to be tall, well built, and didn’t want him to have a mush. He should spend quality time with me, he should take me for evening walks, have chats on the road side, go shopping (I hate people who are stingy). He should also give me my space, should not interfere with whom I interact (I’m talking about my friends). He should mingle with my relatives (mostly my cousins, as we spend a lot of time together) respect my parents, that’s all. These were a few qualities I was looking for in my future Husband.

I was disappointed with a few guys who I met earlier. Forget the qualities I mentioned; they didn’t even have the basic etiquettes… my god, I would think is it possible for man to live so in this contemporary world?  I started feeling that all those classy men were showcased in those daily soaps and movies. They don’t exist in real life.

I always had this assumption in my mind that I’ll be married to a middle class joint family. The mother, father, brothers, sister in laws and their kids will all live under one roof. No privacy. I would have to be clad in sarees and a lot of jewellery (even when I’m at home). I will have to quit my call centre job and cook at home; have kids (of course more than one). My husband will be a mamma’s boy, take permission even to buy me a hair clip. He would sit in front of the TV, would order me to cook some bajjiyas (Indian form of Fries) to snack on while watching cricket (like all Indian men) the whole weekend. When we go out, we take the whole family with us. Watch only regional movies, visit temples, dine only at South Indian Vegetarian Restaurants. (Gosh… what a terrible life that would be?)

I was ready for it. I would keep telling my friends that’s what I’ll end up with.

But Dhruva was so much different than what I thought. I am really lucky to have him as my Life Partner.

My assumption just remained as an assumption. Thank god it never came true.

His family was invited home that day. He came home with his dad, Aunt and his close friend. I was anxious and at the same time was praying god for something nice to happen. It was my turn to meet the family. His dad is a veterinary Doctor and his mother had passed away recently. He was… oops sorry, he is handsome, fair, tall actually he stands 6 ft tall. he dressed well, looked decent. We didn’t talk to each other that day. It was just a formal Introduction. Actually, It’s a custom with most of the Indian Communities, that first the horoscopes have to match, families meet, finalize marriage, only then, would be bride and the groom can talk to each other. His parents came home for the second time and my parents had been to meet them at their house, once everything was finalized did we get to talk to each other.

It was text messages first. WE exchanged a 100 text messages on the first day itself. We spoke for hours the first time we spoke to each other. After that, everything was so romantic. We fell in love with each other from the first text message. This was my first love. We had a courtship of six months. Again this was the most memorable moments of my life.

Every love story ends with the couple getting married; ours started after we got married.


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