He and Me

Dhruva is a very nice person by heart. He’s soft spoken, very patient and always calm. I’m so hyperactive, so talkative and get angry at small things.

He’s a little lazy, Everything has to be in its place for me.

He’s not organized; I am always neat and tidy,

He takes things as it comes. I plan things and work accordingly.

I always made the rules (which I break very often) I took my own decisions. He had to follow it.

I have made some silly and stupid decisions, where I failed mercilessly, yet he didn’t say a word and doesn’t even nag about it even today.

I used to take decisions in haste, most of the times. He thinks twice before he even says a word.

The first person, who gets the brunt of it, is him. Yet, he so patient, calm and quiet.

I am the trouble maker in the relationship. I fight for silly reasons and stop talking to him for days. I would never apologize. He’s the first one to apologize no matter who started the argument well… he doesn’t argue at all.

I keep talking all the time. He quietly listens.

I cry. He consoles.

He’s silly. I laugh.

He earns, I spend.


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